What’s new? Latest publications…


It’s been a while since the latest ESL-SPIN post, but we have all been hard at work, teaching, writing or delivering workshops…

Several of us met up last year at the terrific QATESOL/QCAL conference in Mackay, where Hazel launched The Sea (see below!)

Here’s a little update on what we’re all up to.

The sea

The Sugarbag on Damper team (Hazel Davidson and Dorothy Court) ┬áhave a new book out: The Sea: in the sea, on the sea, at the seaside.┬áLike their other reading books, it’s written at three levels, and has an accompanying workbook.


Susan Boyer from Boyer Education has been focussing more on her historical writing – her book on People in Australia’s Past led her to write Across Great Divides: True Stories of Life at Sydney Cove and now a children’s version: Stories of Life at Sydney Cove (a young reader edition).


The latest book by Clare Harris, from The Book Next Door, is not a reader this time, but a book of puzzles with a pre-employment focus: Workwise English Puzzles.


The Urban Lyrebirds team (Carmel Davies, Sharon Duff and Maggie Power) now have three Sing with me! books and three Passages to English books available.

More Carly and Kumar

Karen Slikas Barber (Read Me Again Press) has not yet confirmed what her latest project is, so watch this space! (The Carly and Kumar readers are available here or at your language bookshop.)

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading…